Become partners

For our team we are looking for an entrepreneurial partner

If you have good contacts and experience in the IT, financial or human resources world and are entrepreneurially minded, please contact us by phone, send us your CV or the link to your social profile as a basis for discussion. A lateral entry is quite conceivable.

Custom-fit trainings in the headhunter discipline make your start much easier. As part of your onboarding, you will gain access to growing, large parts of our networks and resources, which mainly include technical capabilities, sophisticated HR services and numerous contacts. A clear recruiting market view also helps you noticeably in establishing and expanding existing connections.

Last but not least, a resilient customer base as well as a high order situation enables you to start directly in live situations in a holistically profitable way, even without bringing your own customers along. We help you to understand how a customer base can be composed from the perspective of a personnel service provider – and we also support you in planning your business cases.

You can upload your documents under the domain, while Gunnar Kühne is available to answer your questions at 069 348 7777 0.