Application Process

First Contact with us and why we listen carefully

We only get in touch, when we have a certain idea that implies an added value for you.
As we want to work long-term and proficient with you, it is important for us to fully understand your preferences. Ideally, you take your time to meet us in person. This builds up trust and we learn important aspects about your personality that help us to culturally match our client with your character.

Getting‘ started and why this is important for you

Firstly, we need your CV and – from time to time – your transcripts (school, university, work references).

After receipt of your documents, we address them to our client. Premise: you agreed to this and your application or CV have not been sent to the same client for at least one year. In order to protect your personal data at the best possible rate, you will get an estimation from us about the probability our client wants to have a job interview with you. At this point, we decide together, if it makes sense to address you or not. We think this is of advantage for you as demanding clients are supposed to invest more time and effort to read emails from high Quality Headhunters than to those that push the send button too fast. Hence, we learn that a good relationship between your Headhunter and his or her client is of high significance for you.

The Decision – for or against your profile

We try to push our clients for feedback. However, in some cases we have to be patient. You are either invited for a job interview, our client has further questions or your application will be declined.

Co-ordination of job interviews

We usually do this for our clients, whereas some clients wish to do this on their own being frequently in touch with us at this stage. Please be prepared for this call and frequently check your mobile and Email Inbox.

Home Stretch – straight to the Job Offer

After further rounds – the amount of interviews varies – you receive a job offer, if none of your interlocutors’ hardly against you. Job offers are either communicated via us or straight from our clients to you. At this crucial point in time, we can recommend to consult us as misunderstandings often arise shortly before the final. Numerous questions can often be answered neutrally and directly by us maximizing your success.

How to quit and your re-entry

We provide proficient advice during your exit and re-entry as this should happen carefully and in right order. Our service is free of charge for you and subject to high confidentiality. In case you have any queries whilst being between jobs or after resumption of work, please feel free to contact us at anytime.