Employee Benefits

„Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.“
Barbara Mikulski

At GKES we know that successful cooperation always consists of give and take. This is why we offer our employees a unique range of benefits that not only combine everyday work with enjoyment and variety, but also values mental balance and focus on working together.

  • icon-frisches-bioobst-1-90x99 Fresh organic fruit is always available for a small snack in between.
  • icon-kaffee-90x99 Our coffee machine has everything to offer from espresso to coffee with milk - perfect for a pleasurable energy boost.
  • icon-kaltgetraenk-90x99 In the refrigerator you will always find refreshing cold drinks, because “Those who drink more often can think better!”
  • icon-yoga-90x99 Once a week we offer yoga because we believe that a balanced mind is essential for successful work.
  • icon-candybar-90x99 A candy bar is ready for you. Whether nuts or jelly bears - we bring food for the nerves directly to the office.
  • icon-shirt-90x99 Want to wear a T-shirt? Just wear what you like internally. Things go better in fancy clothes when you don't have to wear them all the time.
  • freaky_fryday-90x99 You get a little cash injection for lunch, so maybe it tastes a little better.
  • Essen-1-90x99 Friday from noon until the end of the working day everyone who likes may work completely independently on a favorite project for GKES.
  • icon-direkte-kommunikation-1-90x99 Direct communication is important to us, so that you always know exactly where you stand.
  • icon-bibliothek-90x99 A number of selected journals are also available to you for growing professional understanding.
  • icon-gluehbirne-90x99 Board games for analogue entertainment: fun and games at any time - at GKES everything is ready!
  • icon-brettspiele-90x99 We also like to make meetings during a walk. This is invigorating and refreshing.
  • icon-start-90x99 Think about later earlier! We're doing our part for your well-earned retirement.
  • icon-walking-90x99 Thanks to a sophisticated onboarding system you will quickly find your way in as a new employee and be a full member of our team from day one.
  • Altersvorsorge-3-90x99 Last but not least, we have started a small library in our house.